AutoUpdate+ 5.3

It allows you to create update clients to connect to an update server
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Most of the popular programs like Adobe Reader or Java automatically check for new updates. This is possible because an updater is automatically installed on your computer. The updater connects to a server on the internet and checks for new updates. With AutoUpdate+ you can create stand-alone executable update clients for your applications that will be able to connect to an update server.
First, you have to build the update application. Then, you have to deploy the update. There are various details that can be used to describe the program, such as the company, product information, support email address, current version, etc. These details are variables to use with the update client, and you can create new variables if required. After describing the information, you have to define a server where the update files will be placed. You can choose what type of server will be used: http, https, ftp, or file server. You can include text messages, banner graphics, and icons to display in the update process. After you have built the update application, you have to create the update. This update will include the updated version, new files, registry modification, shortcuts, and more. You can terminate applications, stop and start services, and execute files at various stages of the update process. Also, you can select the Windows version targets and modify registry keys.

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  • You can make updates available for your programs


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